Welcome to Pandora-Gilboa Local Schools; we strive to prepare our students for life by providing a World Class education. We accomplish this with a strong commitment with our communities’ residents and parents, a dedicated staff, and maintaining a high level of expectation for our district because our students deserve the best education possible. P-G Schools believes our students should be problem solvers, inventive thinkers, proficient with technology, and able to work with others to share ideas. Take a few minutes to review the Pandora-Gilboa brochure under the “District” tab; I believe you will agree that Pandora-Gilboa is a unique public school that is preparing its students for the challenges they will face. Thank you for visiting our website.

R. Todd Schmutz, Superintendent
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Thank you P-G Rocket voters for your continued support of the school district! Renewal of this levy will enable us to maintain necessary staffing and most importantly; preserve excellent educational opportunities for our students.  We will continue to have high expectations for our district and provide the best education possible to our students. Thank you again and take care!